Why CollStack?

CollStack does not only provide video calls but it also bring people together to communicate and collaborate during, and after the meeting so teams can be even more effective, productivity, make better decisions, faster. A great collaboration experience using CollStack with call, message, notes, screen sharing and whiteboard. No need to implement or adopt multiple collaboration tools, it is all available with CollStack, no additional investment required on communication, infrastructure, hardware or software. Scalable load balance infrastructure for high availability and reduced Network Latency.
CollStack manage your messages, notes, documents, even call history for you. A private virtual space is created when you join CollStack and it is accessible to your teams only.


Specialized Solutions



work force management


portal integration

call center

Health Detials

  • With CollStack in place, patients can have access to the world’s top diagnosticians and healers, even when illness prevents them from traveling.
  • Video based consulting clinics can reach more patients and then helped identify the patients that needed interventions and further diagnosis.
  • Simplified the coordination and delivery of specialty care interactions in fields such as neonatology, psychiatry, nephrology, oncology and more for consultations and second opinions.
  • Helped specialist staff see more patients and spend more time with each patient
  • Patients and Physicians to meet for consultations from wherever they may be without the need for un-necessary travel.


  • CollStack, helps universities to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.
  • Universities can create new teaching programs and offer learning opportunities for distant students to attend course materials, lectures and webinars.
  • Researchers working with remote teams across the globe can connect more conveniently from anywhere within minutes for scheduled meetings, sending their messages, notes and files to their research colleagues.
  • Educational institutions can bring communities, via online lectures or webinars, living in more isolated areas or from where getting to a formal school or college is nearly impossible.
  • Females, who stay at homes to take care of their parents or family are now able to gain access to the education they deserve.

Workforce Management

  • Adding video terminals in the retail stores to provide access to a pool of remote experts who are not even sitting in the same building yet answering the queries and offer additional information to the customer is a new way interactivity with the customer.
  • Equipping Call Center agents with personal video to enable face-to-face discussions with customers to resolve situations more quickly and improve customer retention and increase satisfaction.
  • Boost employee engagement and operational efficiency for a measurable impact on your customer experience with workforce management.
  • Will promote business growth and provide a more balanced workload, while ensuring your customer traffic is known and service levels are met.


  • Video conferencing has come of age and is used in every industry. Recent developments in mobile devices and 3G/4G networks have propelled further interest in being able to video calling anytime, from anywhere.
  • CollStack brings the power of Software As A Service (SaaS) and is a complete subscription based service, deliver a great experience with call, message, notes, screen sharing and whiteboard
  • Business has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing unproductive travel time, preventing meeting delays, creating shorter and more structured meetings and allowing for greater reach of a message.

Portal Integration

Call Center

  • Companies who are embracing the omnichannel concept can be innovative by adopting the CollStack to improve the customer experience around their service offerings.
  • The ability to seamlessly and consistently deliver a unified experience across Omnichannel and multichannel is no easy challenge. However, organizations can increase their customer loyalty through well-executed video based customer service.
  • Integration of Video Calling will optimize the customer support and improve customer retention, customer acquisition, and sales. Companies can experience a 3.4% increase (on average) in customer lifetime value.
  • Providing the personalized element is an excellent way in customer support and enrich the customer experience when they contact the support team.